Some of my science-inspired cartoons I drew as a fun section editor for the campus newspaper.


X and Y Chromosomes: What to bring on a vacation

This isn’t an original concept, but I thought it would be funny to map out our genetic inclination as males and females when it comes to our impulse to bring our entire wardrobe when going on a vacation (just in case).   My roommates were packing for Florida, and I noticed that Jill had two suitcases full and Derek only had a backpack. That’s what inspired this cartoon.

XY chromosomes


Ethical Issues in Microbiology

Freeze-etching is a preparation method in which a specimen is frozen and fractured in order to reveal its inner structure. I drew a mama bacteria finding out that her baby has been chosen as a specimen, splayed out on a microscope slide in the lab. It’s a cruel, cruel world for bacteria everywhere.



Racial Profiling in Microbiology

Gram staining is a way to distinguish bacteria that possess peptidoglycan and those that don’t. Peptidoglycan is like an exoskeleton that gives the bacterial outer layer rigidity, to protect it from exploding from the osmotic pressure of their cytoplasm (watery stuff inside that holds their organs in a gel-like fashion). A gram-positive stain results in a blue-violet colour because peptidoglycan can hold the dye, whereas gram-negative bacteria cannot and instead exhibits the pink counterstain colour. Most pathogenic bacteria are gram-positive. Of course, colour should only apply to bacteria, not people.




Alien Conspiracies in Microbiology

Microbiology is a sort of inward look into the world, and cosmology is its opposite—but what if bacteria were sentient beings looking out into their “outer space” in search for other life forms? Would they interpret us as nebula or as extraterrestrial beings? Alien Conspiracies in Microbiology looks at the point-of-view of microbes and the creepy twilight zone-esque realization that they, too, are not alone.