Mitosis in Metaphase



Acrylic on canvas, 2′ x 2′

When a cell divides, it goes through four phases before splitting in two during cytokinesis: (1) prophase, (2) metaphase, (3) anaphase, and (4) telophase.  Like twins preparing to move into identical dorm rooms, Prophase packs up the parts; Metaphase organizes them into two sides; Anaphase moves everything accordingly; while Telophase unpacks into two newly built cells.

The organization of cells fascinates me because it is the result of having evolved to manage the risks of growing.  One missing chromosome can wreak havoc.  One missing regulatory mechanism can result in cancerous growth. This painting seeks to entertain and admire the energy, dynamism and precision that goes on in billions of cells, unnoticed.


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